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Which commercial carrier between Southwest and Delta airlines has the least average delay for flights under 500 miles? I chose less than 500 miles due to the notion that it is harder to make up delay time on shorter flights. My hypothesis is that both carriers will have a similar average in delay time. Although, my alternate hypothesis is that Delta delays are less than Southwest, because Delta Airlines is a pricier option with more amenities than Southwest Airlines. I am going to use a significance level of 0.05 as this lines up with a 95 percent confidence interval.
The populations I sampled were Southwest Airline Data set and Delta Airline Data set from group ERAU Math 211/222 data sets in StatCrunch …show more content…

Study Design
This is a two-sample T-test to analyze delay times on flights less than 500 miles. Both samples were right tailed, right skewed graphs. My null hypothesis was that both Delta and Southwest Airlines delays would be the same, or in mathematical term, “equal” number of delays. This is because no business wants delays and most likely, they are something that cannot be controlled, therefore, they would happen at the same occurrence for both airlines. My alternate hypothesis is that Delta airlines would have fewer delays than Southwest, or in mathematical terms, “less than” number of delays. This is because Delta is considered to be of a higher class in transportation and more expensive to travel on then Southwest. Therefore, with more money spent and a higher degree of class, maybe they have an advantage, which would equal fewer delays.
Results – Descriptive Statistics
The results from my samples are listed below, they show the sample size for all delays less than 500 miles.
Southwest Delays Delta Delays Results – Confidence intervals
The results listed below are for a 95% confidence interval with a 0.05 significance. The lower and upper limit for Southwest Airlines is 3.35 to 4.69 minutes of delay. While the lower and upper limit for Delta Airlines is 2.55 to 4.04 minutes of delay. Below are my results for Southwest Airlines sample of delays less than 500 miles. Below are my

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