Essay On Dhar Amendment

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The United States’ constitution currently has 27 amendments, If a 28th were to be instated

it would have to based on a critical problem facing the U.S as a whole. One of the biggest issues currently facing the nation is weather. Droughts are raging in the west and floods are damaging the east, an amendment must be passed to deal with this crisis that will only get worse as time goes on. The amendment would need to be the approval of the NWAPA based on its economic, social, and long term benefits.

The NWAPA, or North American Water and Power Alliance, was a plan created by Parsons Corporation in 1964 that would have vastly changed the country we live in today. The idea was to create a series of manmade rivers, canals, and dams spanning the entire nation as well as parts of mexico and canada. through this system water could be drained from flooded areas or bring more water to regions suffering from drought. The economic revival that could be brought about from this kind of project is staggering, millions of jobs would be needed to complete the construction, and the nation’s industrial complex …show more content…

Areas prone to flooding can be drained quickly or be unaffected, protecting thousands of families and government property from destruction. On the flip side, water shortages are plaguing states like California causing raging wildfires and public unrest. This system can ensure that people across the nation have a safe constant supply of water.

The long term advantages for this system are quite easy to see. These climate conditions will only worsen with time. The drought in the west will become even worse and begin expanding through the mid west, and flooding will also become more prevalent in areas closer to the coast or built around major waterways. Therefore if the United States were to ratify a 28th amendment it should be the approval of the NAWPA for the safety and security of our nation's

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