Essay On Differences Of The 1950s And 1950s

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During the 1950s and 1970s, developments in standards and social rights cleared the United
States. These decades consisted of numerous riots, boycotts, court hearings, and the planning of other significant tasks to overcome the problems in America. Despite, the white majority's disapproval the battles between the balance in training, housing, and employment were issues for minorities. There were achievements made in both decades of America during the 1950s and 1970s. The struggles with war and political drama, and equality remains similar; while they differ within relationship roles between men and women, the similarities abundantly override the differences.
First, I will reveal why war and political drama of America were similar in the
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Similarly, the working-class and the middle-class white citizens viewed coddling poor people and black people at taxpayer's expense, as sickening in the 1970s. The interpretations displayed by the working and the middle-class caused the individuals to form a group known as, the silent majority. The silent majority swept Nixon in office in 1968 because he favored the interest of the middle-class ("The 1970s.", 2010). Consequently, the behavior of President
Nixon undermined people's faith in the Federal government; correspondingly, restates the problems of equality and the continued topic that yet resolved.
Thirdly, relationship roles between men and women started to differ within the baby boomers of the 1950s and the liberality of love of the people in the 1970s. The baby boom and the suburban boom proceeded World War II in the 1950s after Americans, and returning soldiers were eager to procreate; whereas, gays and lesbians fought for their rights to unite in recognizable relationships during the 1970s. Fertility Valley, a given nickname of a residential development often viewed as perfect for young families during the baby-boom ("The 1950s.", 2010), the 1970s based itself on liberation with wife swapping parties and the increase in gay and
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