Essay On Discrimination And Discrimination

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Teachers are the brain and students are the body of a school. Everybody knows that the body may not function properly if the brain malfunctions. In other words, knowledge transfer from teachers to students may not take place if the teachers fail to deliver their duties. The chemistry between students and the teachers play an important role in the learning process. If teachers are the reactants, students are the products. In a chemical reaction, a catalyst is necessary to speed up the reaction. Principal is the catalyst who helps the reactant teachers to produce student products. In other words, principal should act as the sun around which the planets (teachers, students, parents and administrative staffs) rotate. Each one of us has probably felt being alienated or outcast at one point or another. Each one of us has felt that moment when we might have been treated differently or when we felt uncomfortable because we felt different from everybody else. Discrimination due to prejudice and stereotyping is one of the many issues that we must face in a culturally and socially diverse world. Understanding these concepts and the mechanisms behind these behaviors may actually help us be a step closer to solving this social disease. Nevid and Rathus (2010) define prejudice as “a preconceived attitude toward a group or person” (p. 217). Prejudice sets in when one has negative views about another even if one doesn’t have the complete details yet about a certain individual or group of

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