Essay On Diversity In The Media

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In the early years of television, America’s main focus was on white faces, with the exception of a few black faces, these black people would be shown working low class jobs. America has made major improvements with the implementation of blacks, whites, and other races being shown on the television screen. Most of the changes are good in my opinion, some of them are bad. Many believe that the good changes still set people of color back from white actors. Blacks are given specific roles that fuel stereotypes by showing indecent behavior that society believes they act on.
Diversity in the media is a very touchy subject. What do you think of when you watch television? What race would you prefer to see? Many people believe that there is a lack of diversity on television. This lead to the creation of the hashtag “ #oscars so white.” During the 2016 Academy Awards, the hashtag “ #oscarssowhite” was trending on Twitter. This was created to signify that people of color do not receive the same opportunities as their white counterparts. This is an ongoing war that many cannot understand.
The changes that have been implemented stem from the Civil Rights Movement which was created to make everyone aware of unequal treatment. This was a constant demand for …show more content…

The prequel to OscarsSoWhite was HollywoodSoWhite, according to Stacy L. Smith, a USC professor. It is believed that we do not contain a diversity problem, we have a inclusion problem. The study titled the Comprehensive Annenberg Report on Diversity, examined 109 films released by major studios. More than 11,000 characters were analyzed for gender, race, and ethnicity and LGBT status. Approximately 10,000 directors, writers, and show composers were examined. The gender of about 1,500 executives were

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