Racial Representation In The Oscar Awards

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Trying to fix a diversity problem doesn’t have an instant solution. The Academy is facing this and dealing with the racial representation in the Oscar Awards as it has become a huge problem in Hollywood. Ira Deutchman, a member of the Academy, has stated “Like many Academy members, I was embarrassed and disappointed when this year’s Oscar nominees were announced, but I wasn't shocked. After all, no season passes without several scathing articles about the lack of diversity in Hollywood, both on the screen and in executive suites. On the other hand, when fingers were pointed at the membership of the Academy as the cause of the problem, I bristled at the implications”(Deutchman). As stated, the audience even including the Academy Members are baffled by the Oscar’s nominees. Racial representation is a huge problem in…show more content…
Are they not romantically involved with one another? Do they have any dialogue that isn’t comforting or supporting a white character? Is one of them definitely not magic? As this test was tested on this year’s best picture Oscar nominees only three of them actually passed test while three of the films didn’t have any colored person in their film. Last year statistics found out that only two out of eight of the films passed this test. “The problem isn’t just a lack of recognition come awards season - it’s Hollywood’s staggering lack of representation across all of its films” (Latif). After this test was released it proved how the portray people of color, an issue that needs to be fixed. Patt Morrison a journalist, author, and radio-television personality based in Los Angeles and Southern California has stated that as this problem gradually worsens throughout the years then movies would go out of business if it’s not fixed. Minorities make up more than half of the frequent moviegoers. “Latinos are the most moviegoing group, but you would never know it from Hollywood” (Morrison). “The industry is butting up against limits in its viability
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