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Falsettos, written by William Finn and James Lapine. The time period is present in late 1970’s-1981. Under the Dramaturgical Statement, it said “Falsettos was first produced as two separate one act musicals, March of the Falsettos and Falsettoland. It opened before the first report of the HIV/AIDS outbreak was published.” The play remembrance to LGBT movements and all men in America that were afflicted by HIV/AIDS. Director, David Charles Goyette from Truman State University brought Falsettos to Severns Theatre because the songs in the musical framed his life with his partner PJ who passed two years ago. He sings them to remember him and wants all of us to know that LGBT’s are acceptable in society and have same emotions of love like …show more content…

Before the performance begun, there was a couch positioned on the center of the stage. Behind the couch, a rectangular entrance was opened revealing a hallway where the actors entered. Falsettos, had changeable scenes that constantly used the rectangular entrance. It easily drawn the audiences’ attention when the actor entered because the lighting drenched the entrance, cueing the actors to enter. The vacant couch placed before the performance began could be distorted into chairs, short end tables, and a love seat. One scene I remembered that distorted the couch apart into an assortment of furniture was Marvin’s visit at the psychologist’s office. Before the scene was cued, the couch was distorted into a love seat, and a chair. These props conveniently made it a less hassle changing furniture pieces. Also, the back wall had photo images of framed pictures and books that were projected to make the set livable. Although, the set itself helped me envision what the 80’s and late 70’s may had looked like by style, the sounds that I heard in the performance revealed the conflict Marvin was having to find true love. One sound that was plot driven in the performance was when he smacked Trina. He smacked her because he was angry towards her for flirting with Mendel, Marvin’s psychologist. He thought she deserved a smack for disobedience in the family, but ironically Marvin

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