Essay On Fight Till The Last Man Drops

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Fight ‘til the last man drops. That’s what we were told during our briefing. Our objective was simple: hold Regensburg. At first, it seemed useless for us to defend this small, boring town, but this was the only spot for miles that had intact bridges across the river. We had built up defenses on the bridge west of town. Tank traps and sandbags were placed along the bridge. There were anti-aircraft guns on either side of the bridge and even a concrete bunker as a part of the first line of defenses. We all sat in our positions and waited anxiously for the Germans to attack. Suddenly, the sound of gunfire split the silence. But… it wasn’t in front of us? A panicked voice sprang over the radio, “They’re here! They’re here! They’re behind us!! …show more content…

Our friendlies on the bridge took advantage of this distraction and moved up in their own jeeps, catching the unsuspecting Germans by surprise. Those that could run, ran, and those that couldn’t were cut down one by one. The Germans that managed to escape regrouped at a small cluster of decrepit buildings on the edge of the forest. We chased after the Germans and rushed into the main house, not wanting to lose the momentum we had built up. But the Germans were ready for us. When the first soldier ran through the door, gunfire erupted from within the house and the soldier evaporated into a cloud of red. When the mist cleared, his perforated body lay just inside the doorway, mangled beyond recognition. I banked a grenade off of the doorframe and waited for the blast, which was followed by a pair of satisfying screams. I ran into the house with my trusty Thompson at the ready. In the corner was a mound of disfigured flesh which had once been a German soldier. Another German was sprawled on the staircase, desperately trying to patch up a gaping hole in his leg with a first aid kit. He looked up when I walked in, and he froze. I didn’t. I climbed over his body and proceeded to clear the upstairs. I looked out one of the windows and saw the tattered remains of the German company retreating to a large farmhouse at the top of the hill. I rushed outside and ran toward my jeep as the others sped off in pursuit.

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