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Being Financial Manager comes with laws and regulations for them to follow. These Laws and regulations for this job are going to be stated throughout this essay with when they were published and what they mean. The first act is the Federal Managers Financial Integrity Act, which was published on 2004 and protects financial managers, requires that the person in charge of the agency provides a statement of assurance on if the agency has met their requirement. It also requires businesses to control management and systems that give assurance and the honesty of federal programs being protected. (General Services Administration, 2017)
Securities Exchange Act, published in 1934 and this act was made by Congress and they created the Securities and
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In addition with the Federal Information Security Management Act, the senior agency information security official, reporting to the Chief information officer, manages the business information security program while operational program elements are spread between the two businesses and over the Department. The Management Control Steering Committee are the people who see which agency’s need to prove their statement, the people that are on this committee is leading Financial Officer, the Deputy Legal Advisor, the Deputy Chief Financial Officer, and the nine assistant secretaries like the head Information Officer and the Inspector General. The assurance statements from government officials assigned overseas and Assistant Secretaries in Washington and serve as the leading people for the Department's assurance that management controls are good. The Office of Inspector General and the Government Accountability Office preform reviews, inspections, and investigations. The assurance statements are based on information gathered from sources including the manager’s personal knowledge of operations and used controls, management program reviews, and other management evaluations. ( Code of Conduct 2013)
The Government Management Reform Act, published in 1994 change the requirements of the Chief Financial Officers Act, by requiring a preparation and
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