Essay On First Time Dating

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At first glance, we can see that S1 and S2 actively interact with one another in order to act out the situation of ‘a couple first time dating’. From line 40 to 46, S1 and S2 exchanges turns and asks casual questions, however, in line 46 when S2 seems slightly confused with the stretching sound “I am::::::”, the teacher promptly jumps in and completes S2’s turn. It is the content of the teacher’s suggestion, teacher’s tone of voice and S2’s uptake teacher suggestion that create laughter in this case (line 49). It is noted that S1 and S2 is not in a relationship, yet they are grouped and assigned a situation which possibly involves awkward moments of pretending to be one another’s lover. Although everyone is aware that S1 and S2 are acting …show more content…

The extract is taken during the classroom discussion where teacher closely listens and observes in order to offer help if required. The topic at hand centrals around ‘film and movie’ and the students in extract 5 are discussing a particular Japanese horror movie. In the beginning of the extract, from line 7 to 13, S1, S2 and S3 are exchanging turns to recollect details of the Japanese movie “The Ring”. During these turns, S1 is trying to gain consensus of the main character’s name in the film and seek her friends’ opinions. However, in line 11 and 13, S2 and S3 switch to Vietnamese and express their uncertainty of S1’s suggestion of the main ghost’s name as “Samo”. Although the students are excitingly discussing about the lesson topic, the use of Vietnamese is seen as violating the teacher’s expectation. From line 14 to 18, we can observe how the teacher deals with the matter of students using Vietnamese by making use of humour. Line 14 marks the teacher participants in the students’ discussion when she proposes her opinions on the names of the character “Samo or Saritaro”. It is noted that if “Samo” is a repetition of the S1’s suggestion, “Saritaro” is a made-up name. Owing to the teacher’s contribution of an artificial sounded-alike Japanese name; this creates a humorous effect, which explains the students’ laughter in the following line (15). In line 16, following the teacher’s turn, S4

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