Essay On Foreign Exchange In China

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The required financing for a business venture in china can be challenging. A specialist should be hired who appreciates the Chinese perspective and has expertise in Chinese language of the banking community. The exchange control policy is managed of China is managed by The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE). Permission is given to designated state and approved foreign banks to partake in in foreign exchange business. The official and swap exchange rates were unified in January 1994, by the implementation of a new foreign exchange management system. Restrictions applied to foreign-invested enterprises (FIEs) under the old system. Foreign exchange must now be obtained from designated foreign exchange banks. July 1996 additional …show more content…

Capital that is required to be allocated at the beginning of the business startup process is registered capital. An approved government agent must audit and register registered capital. Funds are not contributed to the registered capital process until the registration process is complete. Cash in non-Chinese currency is one of the most common forms of registered capital. Contribution to hard assets into the business can satisfy the registered capital obligation. The scope of non-cash investment has several limitations. Non-cash investment elements offer a resolution to reduce the need of currency. A valuation process is a requirement to define the value of non-cash contributions. The amount of allowable foreign debt is governed by the investment regulations of China. The amount of debt procured with a Chinese bank is not legally established. Three years of profitable history must be established in China as well as collateral which must be considered before a bank loan is received. Most foreign start-ups in China cannot use local debt as a viable option. Debt financing is optimized through foreign parent companies which supply loans. Total investment is an important metric which must be understood to effectively manage the allowable foreign debt metric. “Total Investment is equal to Registered

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