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Mary Shelley is one of the best known authors of gothic literature. Her most famous work is the horror novel Frankenstein which she wrote at the early age of 20. Since she was so young when writing the novel, it is interesting to ask for her ideas and the source of inspiration for the content of her story. In literary studies, Roland Barthes' theory says that the author - and so his or her life – should not be the reference point for an analysis (Jannidis et al. 182). Nevertheless in some stories, the traces of the author are so strong and important that they cannot be ignored when analysing the story. Therefore, this essay will examine the traces of Mary Shelley's biography in Frankenstein with reference to mother's death, different places …show more content…

Shelley's stepmother did not want the children to be highly educated due to her own only average education. Shelley probably educated herself through reading a lot and “the comings and goings of such rare personalities as Lamb and Coleridge to the house” (Sparks 13). This might serve as an argument why books and reading are often mentioned in Frankenstein. Education is also important for Victor Frankenstein. He studies in Germany and becomes a scientist with deep knowledge in this area. Not only for Victor, education also plays a major role for other characters. For example, Elizabeth is sad because “she [has] not the same opportunities of enlarging her experience, and cultivating her understanding” (Shelley 106) when Victor leaves to visit France, the Netherlands, Scotland and England. So even for a woman, knowledge was desirable. Due to the lack of a high education, it might be that Shelley was not able to speak any foreign languages. She might come to terms with it and the probable wish to speak other languages through the detailed description of the acquisition of a language (Shelley 74-79). In conclusion, one can see that education played a key role in Shelley's life even if she was not allowed to take part in it as much as she would have

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