Frankenstein Essay

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The creature's decline into the hate of all mankind is a ever-present theme throughout this novel and the movie. The decline is a less gradual one in the novel but a decline none the less. In the movie, we see hate for mankind right from the beginning.
Can we really blame the creator though? Never even named by his creature, his being of unimportance, and his identity is worthless in the eyes of his creature Frankenstein. In fact he has no identity, he is looked upon as a monster that was never given the opportunity to transform himself as a being. We see a defenite theme throughout both the movie and the novel of the creator never getting the opportunity of trying to fit in. Frankenstein is fully aware of his mistakes. He …show more content…

He now takes the dominant role within their abnormal relationship.
The creature is stronger than the creator. Frankenstein is fully aware that the creature undertakes him. He states in anticipate, "…some accidents might meanwhile occur to destroy him and put an end to my slavery forever"(115). He is in full realization that his goal of creating a human form has been misjudge and has backfired. At the same time, the creature is wretched with his own mess. "From that moment
I declared everlasting war against the species, and more all, against him who had formed me and sent forth to this insupportable misery"(113). He lives a life of isolation that leaves him friendless, alone, and scared. His predicament has left him to believe that he rather be dead then continue to live that life he is living. The creature's inner disorder leads him to start a snowballing effect of destruction.
His conscious goal of ruining the life of Frankenstein is clear. "I will glut the maw of death until it be satiated with the blood of your remaining friends"(80). Frankenstein has violated his boundaries in playing creator. His monster, although filled with hate and revenge, is more human then himself. We sympathize with the situation as a reader.
Frankenstein's selfish invasion of science, and a lack of responsibility for the creature make him a man of having no conscience, and no morals. His decision to create a

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