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2.1 Introduction In this chapter, Literature review is collect the work or conducted gain. In this chapter, the history of the Gallium based LED is introduce and also type of LED in nowadays market also Introduce in this chapter. The double heterostructure LED also been introduce. Different type research of Ga-based LED being research from 20 century to 21 century and much development has been doing, and the Ga-based LED is evolution from GaAs Homo junction to nowadays-newest Ga-Based LED. That was our main research, and simulation on this project that was InGaN/GaN heterostructure Multiple Quantum Well (MQW). From the simulation of InGaN/AlGaN Double heterostructure LED, the simulation was modify to make the simulation for …show more content…

The GaAs then is develop to GaAsP and GaP [6],
Particles of light or photons emitted when energy/current introduced to GaAs. Generally,
GaAs gives out light in the infrared range, not visible to the human eye, but with the introduction of phosphorus, a mixed crystal of gallium arsenide phosphide “GaAsP" is created [6]. The light that is visible to the human eye, ranging from red to yellow, is obtain based on the proportional quantity of phosphorus. The material combination gallium phosphide "GaP" was developed in addition to GaAsP. A variety of colours can be obtain if the crystal compound doped properly [6].

For instance, red obtained when zinc-oxygen added to GaP, and green is produce when nitrogen added. In most of the semiconductor LED die materials, added elements like beryllium, nitrogen, and zinc are generally not specified in the general material structure [6][7].
Next generation of LED technology is changing to gallium nitrate -based LED, this type of LED is widely used in many illumination application like automobile light, office light, industry light and other commercial light in daily life. Due to the GaN, based LED has high efficiency in producing the white light, so the GaN is suitable material choose in producing the white light.
However, the research to develop the performance of this type of LED

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