Essay On Gang Affiliation

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Gang affiliation is a major problem today. No parent would like to see their children in harms way or in a bad situation. Gang affiliation may make someone feel as if they are fitting in and etc. but it only causes more negative outcomes. It all begins with one mistake which then goes to how some people are for gang affiliation, leading to consequences because of that incident but there are many ways this can be prevented.
Peer pressure is one big impact,others opinion may matter to that one individual and how they may think of each other. They believe that it is their desire to fit in with what their peers are doing and what they see. Gang affiliation can be a negative influence or a positive can feel so right and make others look at you a different way as you might view yourself. Fitting in may seem what is best and it gives you a very bad look. Low self esteem is another reason why as well. An individual can join a gang because they feel as if they can look at their self as if they have more confidence than they had before all the gang situations. It may boost up their ego and make them feel like a bigger person than …show more content…

The decisions you make are on you and only you can change that. Losing the love of a loved one may be one of the biggest loses you could ever take. Love from a family or individual is something that took time and couldn’t be won back by just a simple “ I’m sorry”. They raised a young individual to be successful and all they did was get disappointed because he or she wanted to follow the wrong crowd and got in a messed up position. Sometimes things may seem unfair but all they want is a better way out for their young ones. Gang affiliation can tear down happy homes and sometimes the ones in it may began to destroy their families and burn the

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