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With patch 7.3, Shadows of Argus, released just yesterday, Blizzard is catching us off guard, especially if you haven’t been following posts on Reddit or WoWHead. They have not only surprised us with a rich new extension to the story of Legion, but they have also given Mages, Druids and Priests new casting animations. Although we are still waiting for model updates for Goblins and Worgen, this provides a breath of fresh air that is similar to the first wave of player model updates at the beginning of WoD. Beware: Spoilers ahead!!! CAPTION: The Garothi Worldbreaker, an evolved form of the Felreaver and the first boss in the Antoran Raid. Our story commences following the heroic defeat of the Legion in the Tomb of Sargeras, when we pass …show more content…

CAPTION: One of the ancient houses of the Eredar and a Soul-Protector. New Quests litter the landscape, ranging from helping the Army of Light evacuate their trans dimensional ship to helping the Broken Draenei that were abandoned 25,000 years ago. This aspect adds diversity to the questing experience, grounding the player during the fight against the Legion. For example, following the main storyline, filled to the brim with important lore characters, your avatar may aid the Broken with supporting their dying breed of Talbuk by killing the cultists which are trying to wipe them out. This may take you back to your time on Azeroth, certainly up to level 10, where most of your experience involves helping farmers. If that isn’t your show, you could rush through the main questline and aid the famous Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner, never seen in game. If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ll know that they were trapped in Outland following the events of the novel, Beyond the Dark Portal. This, in a similar sense to Argus, has been a massive lore drop for us and bodes well for the future of the game and similar scenarios we may endure. CAPTION: Promo art for patch 7.3 released by Blizzard. Dataminers have already found files regarding patch 7.3.2, name obviously pending considering that each major instalment has so far been roughly 3 to 4 months apart. Game files show adaptation to the zone, Silithus, the

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