Notes On Reading Literature Like A Professor Log

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Lucy Cao Dr. Roth AP Lit 23 Aug 2015 How to Read Literature Like a Professor Log Chapter 1: Every Trip is a Quest (Except When It’s Not) From this chapter, In learned that the truth behind all quests is to find self-knowledge. Most of the time, the people on the quest are young and inexperienced, but by the end of their adventure, they’ve found their niche, and completed their mission. There is always a quester, a place to go, a reason to go, challenges and trials en route, and the real reason to go. Chapter 2: Nice to Eat with You: Acts of Communion When you eat with someone, this usually implies that you like them, and you want peace. Every communion does not have to be holy communion like in churches, but it is a bond and the communion forms a relationship between the groups. When the communion is between groups of disliking, there is major tension and the act of eating might not even commence. Chapter 3: Nice to Eat You: Acts of Vampires To be a vampire, you have to take something from someone else to benefit yourself, whether that be anything from blood to money. Vampires weren’t always what we see today in “Twilight. Vampirism does not always have to do with vampires but selfishness, exploitation, and refusal to respect. Chapter 4: Now Where Have I Seen Her Before? This chapter states that there is no such thing as a truly original work of literature; books are always based off of works before them. This further develops into the idea that there is only one story,
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