Essay On Gender Norms In The Movie Mulan

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Men, Women, or transgender we are all human. Each human can act in whichever way they please. However, does this break a traditional gender norm? A traditional gender norm is the types of behaviors which generally considered acceptable, appropriate or desirable for people based on their actual perceived sex or sexuality. Gender norms can be seen in various television shows, movies, and music. However, how do we know if these gender norms are okay to be seen in these forms of entertainment? In the movie Mulan directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook it illustrates how a women cross dresses as a man to fight in the chinese war in which she takes her father’s place. Mulan illustrates how traditional gender norms can be broken by showing that Women can prove themselves, and there is nothing wrong with that. In the movie Mulan by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook the directors show a women named Mulan who pretends to be a man to fight in the chinese war. The war emerges when the Huns invade China. The storyline of the movie takes place in the China during the Hans dynasty. Mulan pretends to be a man so she can take her father’s place since he is to old to fight. Mulan takes her father’s armor and sword and escapes to the camp. Mulan signs up for war and she goes to a training camp. Being a man was difficult for Mulan. However she did obtain help from her two sidekicks Mushu a small dragon and Cricket a lucky cricket. Mulan does get obstacles in the way. Some obstacles Mulan comes

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