Essay On Girls In America

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It was a normal day for the sleepy town of Tropicia. Tropicia is a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with a population of 1,210 citizens. In the local high school, Tropicia High, there is a well known group of girls that always hang out with each other. The group is made up of five girls, the leader Emily, the sarcastic one Mia, the blonde Ava, the smart one Sophia, and the quiet one Brooke. The group is known as “Those Girls”. They are all sitting around before school starts when Emily asks,“Tonight is the first home game, are you all in”? Everyone but Brooke answers with an enthusiastic, ‘Yes”! Sophia looks at Brooke and asks, “Well, aren’t you coming”? Brooke hesitates but says, “oh um sure I’ll go. “ The bell is …show more content…

Sophia says, “I thought this might happen so I brought my tool kit to help us zap the lock.” Everyone quietly cheers because they don’t want to get caught. Mia helps Sophia get the door open. Instantly the door flies open and a rush of cold air blows out like opening a freezer door. Ava and Sophia shiver and hug each other to try and keep warm. Brooke whispers,” Please guys, let’s just go back to the game” but Emily creeps slowly through the door. Reluctantly, Ava, Mia, Sophia, and then Brooke follow. They walk down a long, dark hallway that had cobwebs hanging down from lockers which is really creepy because they didn’t know that there was even lockers in this school.
As the group gets farther into the building they are overcome by a horrible, rotten musty smell like a dead animal decomposing. Suddenly, we turn the corner and the lights go out! We all gasp and reach out for each other. Brooke lets a tiny squeak but then gets quiet. The lights suddenly flicker back on and we all look around like owls in the night. Sophia looks back to see if Brooke is okay and screams “ Brooke, where are you?” The girls start freaking out and sprint down the hall faster than a cheetah. Once they make it back to the door Emily pushes on the handle but whispers,” it’s locked, now what do we do?” Overcome by the smell of dead animals and the hallway getting colder makes Sophia start pounding on the door. She sobs, “Help, someone help us! We are locked in and our friend

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