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Hey, everyone, today I'm going to draw my AG life. In this video, I will cover how I collected all of my 9 beautiful friends (aka my dolls) and how I got into stop motioning. Go grab some popcorn, sit down, and get ready for my story!

If it wasn’t for my mom, I would have had no idea that American Girl was a thing! My story begins in 2007. Since I did not know American Girl existed, I usually would play with baby dolls, Polly pockets or Barbies. My mom was really glad that I loved playing with dolls. She loved it so much that she wanted to get a doll who would become my twin. First, she tried buying me baby dolls, but they just never looked right. I mean the sort of appeared a little strange and not realistic. Next, she tried a Mulan, a Disney doll, to be my twin, but mom to still wasn't satisfied. So she logged on her computer and typed up “Asian dolls" in the search bar. That is when she found out about American Girl. Mom clicked on a picture of Ivy and immediately began falling in love with her. Soon she ordered Ivy and the doll was on her way! By the way, I no clue that my mom is doing this. One day my mom gave me a long large box covered in …show more content…

So many memories have been made. YouTube has been such a positive experience for me! I've met many big girls that love AG dolls just as much as I do. I love being here creating videos, meeting new people, and experiencing things I would have never experienced had my mom not bought Ivy and had God not lead me to AGTUBE. I thank God that He's blessed me such an amazing experience so far. God has used the dolls to teach me patience and the art of stop motioning. I just want to give a quick last minute shout out to AGChic, AmIcuteorwhat?, Little T. AG, ST. Starlight, Designed By Dolls, Minty AG studios, and everyone else who is subscribed to me. Thanks for all the sweet comments I receive! You're all so supportive of my channel and I really appreciate

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