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Ashlyn Brunk Lykins Biology 2010 Grade Insurance Paper 27 November 2017 This report unpacks, in laymen’s terms, the research article entitled “Diagnosis of Neonatal Transient Tachypnea and Its Differentiation From Respiratory Distress Syndrome Using Lung Ultrasound”, by Jing Liu, MD, PhD, Yan Wang, MD, Wei Fu, MD, Chang-Shuan Yang, MD, and Jun-Jin Huang, MD. This text may be accessed for free at I chose the topic discussed in this article because I am entering this career field with a desire to utilize nursing knowledge in the developing world, especially in the nation of Bangladesh, where female medical professionals are especially needed. According to the Centers for Disease …show more content…

• Neonatal transient tachypnea – “a self-limited elevation of the respiratory rate in newborns due to delayed clearing of fetal lung water” ( • Respiratory distress syndrome – “an acute lung disease present at birth, which usually affects premature babies. Layers of tissue called hyaline membranes keep the oxygen that is breathed in from passing into the blood. The lungs are said to be ‘airless’.” ( • Double lung point – “because of a difference in the severity or nature of the pathological changes in different areas of the lung, a longitudinal san shows a clear difference between the upper and lower lung fields; this sharp cutoff between the upper and lower lung fields is known as the DLP” ( • Interstitial syndrome – “the presence of more than 3 B-lines in every examined area” ( • Pleural line abnormalities – “The pleura only become visible when there is an abnormality present…Some diseases of the pleura cause pleural thickening, and others lead to fluid or air gathering in the pleural spaces.” ( • A-line disappearance – the

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