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In my teens I instantly fell in love with Nirvana and overnight when I bought their first album ‘Bleach’ became a fanatical Nirvana fan. I chose this topic because I wanted to explore the origin of grunge and what it really was, the culture around it, the impact it had on fashion and most importantly the biggest band of the time who placed grunge on the map, ‘Nirvana’. Grunge is the music which has been labelled as defining ‘Generation X’. And even after 20 years of success, Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love (arguably the main figures of grunge), still appeal and remain an icon to many young music fans today. Grunge is even resurfacing as an influence in music today such as Foo Fighters, Nickelback and Bush to name a few. Firstly, I decided to research where grunge …show more content…

The book ‘Performance and Popular Music’ by Dr. Ian Inglis provided a great insight to what music technicalities made Nirvana so appealing. This section of the book looks at Nirvana’s live performance in 1990 and compares each of their songs played in the set. It also discusses the key components of Nirvana as a unit and their most important sounds as a unit. These were both the two sounds Kurt Cobain was responsible for; guitar and vocals. For the reader, various technical terms are explained. Cobain’s vocal range is discussed in detail with a technical use of language by having ‘ a wide timbral and dynamic range from which to choose’, along with the ability to support an overdriven voice for long periods of time while maintaining the timbre of his voice. As well as comparisons of the style of vocal Kurt uses in songs. It is also interesting to read the impact Dave Grohl had as a drummer and how it improved their sound in comparison to their previous drummer Channing. This research will provide good insight when I am discussing Nirvana’s sound and want to use technical language to describe this in my

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