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Does Title IX Need Changed? An argument has emerged in the United States regarding the title IX guidance changes of 2011. In 2011 the Obama administration changed some guidelines about sexual assault in title IX. These changes would include many changes that colleges would have to make to comply with the new title IX rules and regulations. Since 2011 there has been questions regarding if the changes were doing what they were made to do, which was to further protect each party. Some people believe that the changes of 2011 have worked well and need to stay. On the other hand, some people claim that there are some major problems with the regulations and need to be rewritten. The two sides disagree about Title IX Sexual Harassment/Assault …show more content…

On the other hand, some think that any evidence at all is enough to prove someone guilty of a sexual assault. With schools increase in responsibility it is thought to be a reason why people are not receiving a universities full attention and fail to receive a full fair trial. University’s claim that every case they investigate is to their best of their ability but the accused and even the victims have reported what they thought of as a failure of a fair trial. Some statements also show that people seem to think that students that are involved with a University sports team is treated differently than a normal student. Also, reports seem to show a favor to female genders and discriminate males that are involved in an investigation. One of the most debated topics of the 2011 changes to title IX is the differences between a school trial and a criminal trial. Some people claim that schools sometimes fail or rush to hand over any investigations over to the authorities. When a case is changed into a criminal trial often noted is that the trial is much longer than a school trial and the accuser is sometimes harder to prove that they are guilty. Much of the argument on this topic is when does the school stop and where does a criminal trial take place? Some people believe that the schools should reserve the right to decide when they

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