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Gujranwala locale, northeastern Punjab region, Pakistan. The region is associated by rail and the Grand Trunk Road with Peshawar and Lahore.
Gujranwala has a moderately radiant history. Gujranwala, on the Grand Trunk
Street from Rawalpindi to Lahore, now the third biggest city in the Punjab, is of little centrality, even in the commonplace setting, because of its nearness to Lahore; like a number of optional urban areas, it has been profiting from the overflows of the capital of Punjab.
Arranged on the two sides of 'G.T. Street' which is the longest Road of
Pakistan, Gujranwala is around 67 kms toward the north of Lahore. The District contains a zone of 3622 sq. m. In 1981 the populace was 7,522,352.
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Some portion of the upland tract has been brought under development by the Chenab trench. The new Railway Station was being opened on 15 May 1996 by the Commissioner of
Gujranwala Division, It is a Busy Railway Station with 2 stops for Lahore and
Peshawar day by day. Punjabi is the day by day life dialect, however Urdu and English is broadly utilized as a part of all official and business circles. The Gujranwala District incorporates numerous little towns like Kamonke, Eminabad, Ferozwala, Rahwali,
Talwandi Ghakhar. City is known as the "City of Wrestlers". It has delivered acclaimed wrestlers of the subcontinent, who have demonstrated their aptitude and quality.
This city is pleased to achieve notoriety in subcontinent for this benefit with terrific titles ever won by any city of the world. Individuals are enamored with sustenance. The Hotels,
Research and development Cell
Gujranwala Chamber of Commerce and Industry 2
Eateries with their "Tikkas" "Chanps" "Kababs" are the most loved spots of the individuals. Christian minority is living in FrancisAbad Gujranwala, with finish autonomy of their religion. Various houses of worship are there. Additionally a minority

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