Essay On Gun Control Policy

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Porter Flynn
The article that I analyzed, through the BBC, tells about how United States gun control policies will not be changed following the mass shooting in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago. Over 50 people lost their lives when a gunman opened fire on a concert from a high rise hotel nearby. The shooter had no criminal history, but in his hotel room, he contained over 20 firearms, almost all assault weapons, but all had been purchased legally in the United States. The author of this article believes that there will be no change in gun control policies following this mass shooting for one main reason: Republican majority throughout state legislatures, and their power to “Gerrymander” the redistricting process. The author tells that
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It gives a basic definition of gerrymandering, or when the dominating political party in a state draws the new district lines in their party’s favor. The new district lines are redrawn every 10 years after the U.S Census is conducted. The House of Representatives is then reapportioned to best fit the population changes throughout the country. Representatives are allocated in the country to best reflect the population changes, but every state is guaranteed at least 1 Representative no matter population. The changes in Representatives is also reflected in the Electoral College. After the Representatives are reapportioned, the party in control of each state’s legislature is responsible for the redistricting process, or when the House of Representative’s district lines are redrawn. Though all of these changes occur to the districts every decade, in most cases, incumbents, or a candidate running for another term of the office they already hold, win almost all of the time in the House of Representatives. In the House, the incumbent wins his bid for reelection about 90% of the time! Incumbents have a large advantage of winning their district again because of money, a stronger campaign, and credit claiming, or talking specifically about things they accomplished during their term in Congress. Congress members are also much more successful when they join successful
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