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Important Information: Thank you for subbing for me today! Please leave me a note with how my class was acting today. • Lunch is over at 12:26--- when you pick up students please take the blue basket and have Purseyis pick up the lunch boxes. (She knows that she is supposed to do it) • When you get ready to leave the lunch room take the students to ENCORE. They will go to music. You will meet Mr. Weathermen at the front down by the office. • You will have a break from 12:26-1:50. At 1:50, please be on time, you will pick students up from PE. You pick students up at the end of the hall by the cafeteria. • Class time is 1:50-3:10 • At 3:10, students need to begin packing up and getting ready to leave. They need to make sure ALL paper …show more content…

Don’t forget what you want for the houses. Houses need to reflect the area that it surrounds. d. Food: You need written and illustrations of what food your tribe eats. Also, you need to include how they catch that food or grow it. This needs to be relevant to Native American times. e. Trading: Considering where your tribe is located, what kind of trading will they do? Who will they trade with? Draw a picture and label what they will be trading and also include what they are trading for. Needs to be something we read about. f. Clothing: What kind of clothes will they wear? Consider where they live for what the clothes need to be made out of. Think of colors, designs, skins, and markings. You will need to explain your clothing design. g. Tools: What kind of tools does your tribe need to survive? The tools need to be made out of resources that they have located where they live. You also need to explain what they will be used for. h. Pottery/Dishes: You will need illustrations and written description of what the dishes, puts, and utensils are made of. Also, needs to be relevant to where they live---shells coil, pots, pinch pots, ect… Think about our readings. 2. Have fun but be good. You WILL Need to work together to make a good grade on this! This should take all the way up until 3:10 to finish. Groups are NOT allowed to turn it in until 3:00. It must be colored and pictures must be drawn. Disruptive Students: Calvin and Avery are always wanting to

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