Essay On Hoarding

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Numerous studies have illustrated the immense impact that hoarding has on an individual’s health, wellbeing and development (Tolin, Frost, Steketee, & Muroff, 2015; Woody & Steketee, 2013 & Dozier, Porter, & Ayers, 2015). However the studies that focus on compulsive hoarding are adult focused, without the attentive of focusing specifically on the effects that hoarding has on the children of hoarders (Tompkins, 2011; Park, Lewing & Storch, 2014 & Neziroglu & Donnelly, 2013; & Jabr, 2013). This is an important issue to address because children are vulnerable and for the most part powerless to improve the environment and conditions that they reside in, thus their voice and the effects on their health is not being heard in the current literature (Radford & Hester, 2006 & Neziroglu & Donnelly, 2013).
Hoarding Disorder’ is also now a part of the DSM V because of its significant prevalence rates of 2%- 5% of the adult population having this disorder thus, more children now are now reported to being affected by the environments and the detrimental effects of hoarding.
Some of the safety and health risks which will be further elaborated in this paper include: poor nutrition, higher risks of injuries in relation to slips and falls, chronic headaches and respiratory problems (Jabr, …show more content…

However, due to limited research studies, this paper will also take into account the personal experiences of adolescence (13-18) and adult offspring who lived in hoarding environments when they were in their childhood.
Compulsive Hoarding disorder: “Hoarding disorder is characterized by the persistent difficulty to discard or part with possessions, regardless of the value others may attribute to these possessions and is associated with significant functional impairment and distress. This is in reference to hoarding of items in the absence of pets (American Psychiatric Association, 2013 & Park,

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