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The following occurred in the City of Auburn, King County, WA: On October 17, 2017, at approximately 1807 hours Valley Regional Fire Authority (VRFA) responded to a house fire located at 31914 120TH PL SE. VFRA's case number is 17-10349. Dustin Michelle reported that his house is on fire and there are no other occupants in the house. Michelle said he is moving vehicles and knocking on neighbors’ doors. Ofc. Lyons arrived at 1816 hours with VRFA. Ofc. Lyons saw the residence located at 31916 120TH PL SE fully engulfed in flames. See Ofc. Lyons report for further details. Ofc. Lyons spoke with Grace Kimani, who lives at 31914 120TH PL SE. Kimani said Michelle knocked on her residence to make sure they get out due to the fire. I …show more content…

Anderson said Michelle is being evicted from the residence and is upset. Andre said Michelle uses heroin. Bother Anderson and Michelle said Dever has guns locked in his room. Dever was not present when I was at this time. On October 8, there was no evidence to support Michelle's initial claim of a threat. I provided Michelle with information on how to get a protection order or anti-harassment order. On October 16, 2017, I arrived later (1909 hours) due other calls. I spoke with Michelle who was talking with VRFA Investigator Karen Stewart. Michelle told me he left the residence at approximately 1230 hours today. The power to the house was one when Michelle left. Anderson and Dever were at the residence when he left. Michelle initially said he went to his friend's house. When I asked him who is friend was Michelle was reluctant to tell me. Michelle then said he called is friend Cecil at 253-457-0359 to see if he was home. Michelle said Cecil was not at his residence, somewhere in the Muckleshoot Reservation, so he Michelle just drove around. Michelle said he drove his vehicle WA/BDW9135 Michelle told me he took Highway 18 to Federal Way and "just cruised" around Federal Way. Michelle could not tell me where he went or what he did. As I continued to talk with Michelle, he told me he pawned his subwoofer. Michelle showed me a pawn slap from today from Empire Pawn at 125 Central Ave, Kent WA. Michelle

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