Essay about The Business of Water

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* Who are the main Stakeholders of beverage companies such as Coca cola and nestle in this case? How would you prioritize their stake and how legitimate are the different stakes?

The Civil society is the main stakeholders of these companies it consist of pressure groups, local communities, non-government organizations. The stake of the society can be prioritize by
Relationship-building: Having good relationships – trust, mutual respect, understanding – are intangibles that develop and evolve over time, based on individual and collective experiences and interactions. For this reason, we have to engage with stakeholders at a much as early as possible.

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According to me Nestle have only focus on the economic responsibilities and has been concern about the shareholders acceptations than the society. There is a wide space for improvement in the company’s policies towards society and environment.

* Think of privatized water companies in this case in terms of the extended view of corporate citizenship as discussed in the chapter. What are the specific governmental roles they have taken on? Evaluate their performance from this perspective.

The extended view of corporate citizenship as discussed in the chapter for the privatized water companies are about the “Civil rights” of the citizen .It reveals the governmental failure to addressing the important issues in the society. In the case study some governments have acted in favor of the society by imposing fines and compensations, asking the companies to involve in different environmental programs for conservation of water also by imposing a ban on the bottled water in 12 municipal premises and supporting the corporate citizen actions. The actions taken by the government are effective but the private companies always find a way to manipulate the laws and to disguise the society by false advertising strategies and using other unethical ways to carry out their business. Taking all this into consideration the governmental roles have not been so effective and many things have to be done to stop such false practices.

* How do you

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