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Individual income tax collection model is different
Classification Income Tax System The United States is the implementation of a comprehensive income tax system, that is, the wages and salaries, labor remuneration, dividends, bank interest, self-employed income and partnership income and other federal income tax
Comprehensive income tax system China's current personal income taxes are: income are determined for different categories of different standard deduction and applicable tax rates.

Ways to pay the tax bills
US taxpayers take the initiative to declare personal income tax.
China withholding agent to declare personal income tax
Different standard deduction unified standard deduction China's relevant tax law provides that …show more content…

Taxation jurisdiction
The United States has the right to use the proceeds of the enterprise, the jurisdiction of the residents and the jurisdiction of the citizens, and China has only jurisdiction over the first two. For example, US companies registered in China after the tax in China still need to pay taxes to the United States, but the tax in China can be part of the credit; and Chinese companies registered in the United States after the US duty-free payment to China without tax.

Property Tax
Object of taxation
The United States is the land and housing at the same time levy, China's property tax tax object is mainly for-profit housing.
In the United States, the taxpayer of the property tax is the owner of the real estate, the natural person or legal person who owns the real estate, including the owner of the house, the tenant of the house, but not the residential tenant. China real estate tax taxpayers are urban, county, town and industrial and mining area within the scope of the operating property owners or users.

Tax Rate
The tax

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