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It is difficult to give jurisprudence a definite definition. Every legal philosopher has his/her own concept. The jurists define jurisprudence as per their ideologies and understanding of the subject matter. The definition of jurisprudence also suffers from political and social factors. Majority of legal analyst view jurisprudence as subject of bewilderment and contempt. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! [1] the last line of the rhyme describes the jurisprudence much better than the jurist definition's. Jurisprudence is the wonder which cannot be described like Physics and Chemistry. Romans were the first who started studying jurisprudence. The Latin equivalent of jurisprudence is "jurisprudentia" which means either "knowledge of law" or "skill in law"[2]. Ulpian defined jurisprudence as "the knowledge of things divine and human, the science of the just and the unjust"[3]. In the of "knowledge of law”, the word sometimes describes expositions of particular branches of law, e.g. the name 'Equity …show more content…

the reason why Bentham is known as father of modern jurisprudence. The word 'Jurisprudence' has come to mean in England almost an analysis of the formal structure of law and its concepts. Austin mainly focused on the formal analysis of English law.
After the 19th century there was a diversion of the jurisprudence. Jurisprudence had emerged in the broadest sense which was way beyond the understanding of Austin. Buckland said "The analysis of legal concepts is what jurisprudence meant for the student in the days of my youth. In fact, it meant Austin. He was a religion; today he seems to be regarded as a disease"[5]. Julius stone described jurisprudence as "the lawyer's extraversion. It's the lawyer's examination of the percepts, ideals and techniques of law in the light derived from present knowledge in disciplines other than the

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