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When we were younger, it’s quite a must that we must own a pair of Keds, a street-styled pair of sneakers meant to be used on our daily lives as students. We have flashed each other with different variations of it, from the solid-colored ones, the printed pairs or the wide variation of materials used for it. We have played with its laces, the eyelets or even personalized some just to be different from the rest. Since everyone is wearing it back then, it’s quite different for one to rise above the trend until it somewhat died out as we move along adolescence. If you wish to still sport your favorite pair of Keds now that you’re a full-blown adult, we’d definitely help you out with some inspirations that will make you love the brand again, and might force you to cap some pairs now for your future ensembles.
If you’re lucky enough to have owned a polka-dotted pair of Keds, then it’s about time to pull it out of the shelf and use it with a comfortable denim dress. Just imagine how the pop of color from your shoes would transcend and balance out with the color of denim, just an irresistible combination that you should try immediately. Don’t stop with this good contrast and add some dash of life by finishing it with your pastel colored tote or …show more content…

For the ultimate take on being the soft femme that you really are, combine this specific design with a summer striped-dress and finish it all off with a summer hat and a pair of cutesy aviators. Not only you’re looking awesome and fun, but the comfort of the whoe outfit is something that should be given extra bonus points. It’s about to release your adoration to Taylor Swift and mimic her style with Keds by pairing it with a short denim shorts and a pastel colored shirt. All in all, the argument would arise with the color combination but just shrug it off and feel comfortable with how your look ended

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