Essay On Knowledge Sharing

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Significance of the Study Improving competitive advantage through knowledge sharing has been constantly overlook and ignored in less developing countries like Pakistan. Under the current study attempt was made to delineate the factors that enhance, facilitates and influence knowledge sharing in developing countries. The current research focuses on banking sector and made contribution in Pakistani scholarly circle within the context of banks. The limited evidences are found that focus on these variable in banking context. Organizational factors selected under the recent research based on extensive literature review. A number of factors used to enhance the knowledge sharing behavior of the employees. This research focus on three variable …show more content…

“Knowledge sharing means transfer, dissemination, and exchange of knowledge, experience, skills, and valuable information from one individual to other members within an organization”. Knowledge sharing may be formal or informal. The sharing of knowledge is done through different ways like face to face communication, written and oral or done by the use of technology infrastructure. It may happened when a colleague independently or by means of his/her knowledge share his ideas with the others. It may also happen in between group members or in different organizational entities. Knowledge sharing may vary in line with the knowledge shared by him with his (supervisors, colleagues and subordinates (Šajeva, 2014) Knowledge sharing is an activity that exchange of the organizational experience and knowledge between the employees so they must take best actions in order to achieve innovation. (M. Z. Islam, Jasimuddin, & Hasan, 2015). Conducted the research to address the issue how to motivating the employees of organization to share knowledge, proposed that within the presence of reward and encouragement knowledge sharing is greater. Organizational culture To ensure the effective flow of knowledge among the employees of the organization a knowledge supportive culture is required (Kazi, 2005). From the perspective of constructivist school of thought organizational culture is continuous activity of bulging and rebuilding recognition within and around the

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