National Labour Relations Act In Section 7

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National Labor Relations Act in section 7 give all employees protection of concercted activities the employee is a member of a union or not (Prozzi, 1986). Employee can actively engage in concerted activities to bargain collectively or for mutual protection. Even though employees have protections under section 7 and 8 of the National Labor Relations Act, those protections are not without limits. If employee organize a strike or a walk out, these are actions that protected under NLRA (Landry, 2016). The goal of a strike or a walk out is to apply pressure to an employer to correct some unfair employment practices under the current labor relations laws. A strike also gives the employee leverage against any form of retaliation for acted in …show more content…

Sometimes employees want to strike however cannot afford the economic losses during the strike period. When employees are part of a union, the strike is usually more organized and employee prepare financially for the implications of loss wages. Even though it is unlawful for an employer to terminate an employee for participation in a strike, how the employee carries the strike is at the heart of the issue. If a strike is not carried in the correct way, an employer may have legal right to terminate the employee for cause. In this case, employer make believe the fact both employee came back to work the next day it was a partial strike. The reason why partial strikes are an unprotected action is because the law does not want to give the employee the behind have a double benefit from the NLRA. The changes in the laws the lead to creation of the Labor Management Relations Act ( Holley, Wolters & Ross, 2012). Even though the NLRA was designed to protect the interests of the employee, there are provisions that balance the interests of employers as well. If an employee wants to strike the employee must take al the risk of losing complete economic benefit for a period of time. This case would be need to be settled by the NLRB. This case could actually be settled for either the employer or employee depending on how the actions of the employees are interrupted. Usually a last minute decision to strike by employees to protest the unlawful actions of an

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