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Laurie Mattson is a multi-award winning interior designer and professional home stager. Whether styling spaces around a homeowners’ specific taste or “decorating for the masses” to sell a home, she creates thoughtful and personalized rooms that focus on comfort, beauty and livability. With an extensive client list of real estate agents, developers and individual homeowners, Laurie focuses on the client’s particular style and needs and creates a unique interior setting. Plain or empty spaces transform into exquisite designs of stylish elegance without losing warmth and comfort. Laurie’s known for creating rooms that are fresh and inviting – areas that clients lovingly refer to as home. Laurie calls Minnesota’s Twin Cities area home but works …show more content…

With the belief that each home should reflect the owner’s personality, she invests the time needed to get to know design goals, the use of each room, and colors and textures that appeal to the client. She approaches each project as a unique puzzle that, once assembled, will tell a story. With over a decade in the design business, Laurie Mattson has refined her design firm to reflect the vision of who she is as an interior designer and real estate home stager. While her ideas are continually evolving, she never loses sight of architectural design and details. While taking into consideration scale, proportion, and inspiring hues and patterns, Laurie incorporates classical, contemporary, and eclectic furnishings, accessories, and artwork. Rooms are infused with rich and luxurious undercurrents that add depth and a sense of opulence. Laurie’s budget-conscious design projects garner sweeping testimonials for their creative layout and use of space, functional planning, and choice of room décor. From the planning stage to shopping, to home staging, Laurie takes a room from ordinary and random to sophisticated and

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