Essay On Liver Cancer

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For decades, liquid air, carbonic snow and iced saline solutions were used to destroy advance malignancies for palliative purposes [5]. Now, there is a significantly increasing demand for novel, minimally invasive treatments as the need for tumour detection rises. When surgery is not feasible, other therapeutic alternatives including chemotherapy, thermal ablation, systemic therapies and intra-arterial interventions are used [6]. Unfortunately, no systemic therapy has been proven effective. While chemotherapy and RFA have shown to relieve pain, decrease liver size and improve liver function tests, it also affects the normal liver as well as tumorous tissues, limiting their usefulness [5]. CA which is based on the non-toxic nature of cold …show more content…

It has been shown that the blood vessels of tumour are more sensitive to heat than normal vasculature [8]. A study carried out by Zhao et al. demonstrated the heating effect of thermal significant blood vessels in CA [9]. Further research has been done on the effects of large blood vessels on the transient temperature field during CA for four different arrangements between tumour and blood vessel [10]. Wang et al. in their study coupled the heat transfer and fluid flow model established in a three-dimensional space consisting of tumour, normal tissue and vascular network [8] . This model was used to predict the effect of vascular network on IIF, tumour destruction and thermal history during treatment. The numerical approaches to the multidimensional freezing problem during CA may generally be divided to the finite difference method (FDM) and the finite element method (FEM). A comparison done showed that FEM is more suitable for irregular boundaries which is often the case for tumour tissues [9] . For example, Zhang et al. generated a three-dimensional model directly from the MRI images of a real prostate which was analysed using FEM to predict heat transfer in prostate cancer CA [11].

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