Essay On Lymph Node Transfer

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Lymph Node Transfer
Lymphedema is caused by the damage or removal of lymph nodes. Lymph nodes cleanse lymph, the fluid that drips from the blood vessels. Without properly working lymph nodes unwanted cells are passed through the blood resulting in lymphedema.
However, this can be treated; lymph node transfer is a microsurgical transplant in which the lymph nodes are taken from a healthy limb and put into the limb with lymphedema to wipe out the unwanted cells. The transferred lymph nodes connect to the lymphatic system in the limb they were place in, replacing the damaged or removed lymph nodes. This will cleanse the lymph of the unwanted cells, which brings down the swelling. It has been reported that the procedure works best when done in the earlier stages of lymphedema, lymph node transfer works best in the arms than
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The patient is put under general anesthesia.
2. An incision is made, typically in the groin area.
3. The doctor looks through a microscope to carefully harvest the healthy vascularized lymph nodes and vessels (picking out ones that won’t result in lymphedema), by removing a flap of tissue containing the healthy lymph nodes
4. Another incision is made in limb containing lymphedema.
5. The doctor prepares it for the flap of tissue containing healthy lymph nodes, by removing a flap of damaged tissue.
6. The doctor then reconnects the blood vessels
7. Physical therapy is continued to help the limb containing lymphedema reduce its swelling and increase its mobility
As said before, lymphedema is caused by the damage or removal of lymph nodes in the lymphatic system. When the healthy lymph nodes are taken from the patient’s body that limb can be left vulnerable to lymphedema because it’s lymph nodes had been removed, which is the cause of lymphedema, but this is uncommon for this procedure. Other risks include bleeding, infection, and the clotting of blood vessels to the lymph nodes.
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