Essay On Media Ruining American Society

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The Fall of a Great Society: How the Media is Ruining America

Imagine being able to receive breaking news at just the click of a button. It seems impossible that anyone could tune into a news station and learn endless facts about people that they have never heard of, or even met. For the citizens of the United States, this is an amazing everyday reality. America has evolved into a society where information is accessible at any time. Thanks to the help of the media, Americans have become almost completely omniscient. In times of crisis or celebration, citizens used to have to rely on others to keep them informed. However, now all American citizens have access to all different types of news. Whether they like it or not, the American people …show more content…

While it is hard to believe that anything that is so informative could be doing any harm, all of this media exposure is beginning to take a toll on the people of the United States. The attitudes of the American people are changing, and it might be for the worst. There is no arguing that the media started out as something that was innocent and informative. Nonetheless, in today’s world, almost all forms of media have shifted their focus to more cynical things. The media that reaches people is filled with horror stories of the world around them. Not only this, but the media is constantly changing the way that people feel about themselves. There is no question that the media is beginning to have a negative effect on the values and actions of the American people. Some of the earliest forms of media published were tabloids. These newspapers were first published in the 17th century in England. In more modern times, tabloids are magazines that create popular rumors about celebrities. Tabloids are less known for being accurate, and more known for entertaining readers ("Fake News on Social Media"). Since the beginning of tabloids, the number of false news stories has noticeably increased. At times, it is nearly

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