Essay On Medical Marijuana And Cancer

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Medical Marijuana Helps Treat Cancer
Is every drug considered bad for you? There are many different viewpoints to other types of drugs. Let’s take marijuana for instance, people have different perspectives about it; they say it can be a gateway drug and is just an all-around bad drug in these people eyes. Many drugs can be just as bad, if not worse. A few prescription drugs have serious side effects and still get FDA approved. On the other hand marijuana has not been FDA approved yet, when it could be helping cure many illnesses. Cancer has been an issue for many years and marijuana is being over looked as treatment and a possible cure. Marijuana is an acceptable medical drug to help treat cancer.

Cancer has been a trending topic recently. There are studies going on every day to find treatment and cures for all types of cancer. Breast cancer has become a common and serious type of cancer. Even though breast cancer is shown more frequently in women it still has caused
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Marijuana is not as harmful as people seem to think. The United States has been searching for a cure for cancer for several years and we have finally found enough information and research to cure it. Marijuana has given researchers a new medical breakthrough. Not only does it help with the symptoms of cancer, but also kills the cell growth. There are many types of cancer, three were discussed today: breast cancer, brain cancer, and lung cancer; although every type of cancer is serious, these three seem to be more and more common. It’s a sad tragedy when we have a simple cure to all types of cancers and nothing is being done about it. The FDA approves medical prescriptions all the time when they can cause serious side effects and sometimes even death; marijuana has zero scientifically proven serious side effects. With this being said, medical marijuana is more than an acceptable way to cure cancer and to help with the
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