Essay On Moving Into A House

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1999, the year my parents moved into a house. It was small at first, but they built an entire new addition including a crawl space. The family that lived here before us had three sons; Reggie, Steve, and Phil. They had these shelves for all of them in the basement. All labeled in permanent marker. I started searching in the boxes to see if i can find anything. I was searching by myself for two hours. All i found was three boxes of what appeared to be baby clothes. There was one last box I haven't checked. Then I decided to go to the basement. So i went down into the basement and started looking inside boxes. Reggie's box was the one we hadn't checked. I reached my arms up so i could get ahold of it and brought it down. I looked through for …show more content…

Why was it up here? I asked my mom and she didn't know what doll i was talking about. She hasn't seen the doll in years. About one week later, i was pouring myself a glass of water. The sink wasn't working great. When i tried to twist the handle, it started spitting water out slowly then fast in that pattern. I figured it had to do with the filter since its as old as this house. So i went down to the basement and the filter was the issue. I just had to twist something a little bit because it was loose which caused the weird spitting pattern. I figured while I'm down here i could just look around for a minute. Mainly because i haven't been down here in a while. I looked into the crawlspace. It looks like something out of a horror movie my mother would sometimes say. For a second I imagined the doll all the way in the middle of the crawlspace. I could see it in my mind. It would look just perfect like it lived there. The thought of it staring down at me from that spot is just terrifying. I really wanted to see this. I always loved scary things. This would be a great picture to have. I went upstairs and grabbed the doll and came down to the basement. I was going to go in the crawlspace right there but something stopped me. Something was telling me this was a bad idea. Something out of a horror movie that was very true. It did in fact look like it was in a horror film. So i stood up on a chair and crawled into the crawlspace. I really did not want

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