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In this paper, I will be going over my new literature findings and what I have learned so far in my class lectures and readings. First, I found that by using dental root and also pulp canal evidence we may have found what could be the oldest known hominin. Then according to a researcher Dr. Ryan Bohlender, there is a species that is not from either the Denisovan or Neandertals species. He believes we may have found a new member of the family tree. I also found that according to a Professor Lee Berger, we may be getting closer and closer to finding our ancestors in our early hominins. Whether it be a new hominid or just a closer one to us, it is quite amazing that we are still finding information on our heroic hominins. In my research, I …show more content…

I think having a background in dentistry would have helped me a lot in this one. I did have to go over it several times. But in the end the thicker enamel, larger teeth and roots resemble them to the australopithecines. Meaning that they found that Graecopithecus may have the characteristics of a hominin when studying their dental roots. So, there is a definite possibility that we can consider the Eastern Mediterranean as important as Africa when it comes to the hominin change.
In my other found reading, South Pacific’s Melanesian people may have the DNA of our unknown, now third extinct species of hominid, our lost cousins. A third branch of hominid looking to be neither from Denisovans or Neandertals was found in the Melanesian people which were already found to have 3 to 6 percent of Denisovan DNA and 2.74 percent of the Neandertals. This was brought up once before back in 2012 by researchers who had found this extinct species it in the people of Africa. Although they are still doing research on this, it has also been brought up that we may just resemble an extinct hominid known as Hobbits found in Indonesia. The fact remains that we know more about Neandertals than we do of Denisovans so it could be just another branch of them. Dr. Bohlender had mentioned in a statement that "We're missing a population or we're misunderstanding something about the relationships,”. I may

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