Essay On No Child Left Behind

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Priscilla Rojas
English 1A
Mrs. Santani
13 December 2017
No Child Left Behind
There have been many efforts made by the U.S government to reform our public-school education system. In the year 2002, a law promoted by George W. Bush required public schools to provide demographics on each one of their students. With this system in place, it ensures that no child enrolled is neglected from this system. The No Child Left Behind law is a disadvantage to our public-school system. Even though this act was put in place to aid our students, it is ultimately crippling them. Children with learning disabilities are required to take standardized tests to comply with the government requirements. One of the main features of the No Child Left Behind Act is …show more content…

Many penalties include the following “Replace principal, strengthen staffing, implement research-based instructional program, extend learning time and implement new governance.” (Jost 341). Even though No Child Left Behind Act forces all schools to provide a top-quality education to students who are often overseen in America’s public education system. Including students with disabilities, children from low-income families and non-English speakers, as well as all other ethnicities. For the first time in U.S. history, educational progress is tracked separately and required to be shown for each ethnic group in each school, rather than one average for an entire school. Previously, to prove progress, schools could focus on increasing test scores or related data for a small, bright group of students to bring up the average, rather than ensuring that all students are given an equal opportunity at a world-class education. This new law was supposed to close the achievement gap and set higher standard for the overall population of the students. But results have shown that dropout rates have increased tremendously because students are overwhelmed with an over rated state standardized test. Teachers are obligated to teach the content required for students to achieve high test results. A method teachers often us is called the “banking method. As a team of coined by Paulo Fair explained this method as “Education thus becomes an act of

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