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Infection control nursing precaution- hand hygiene
Norovirus is a healthcare associated infection which can cause morbidity and mortality (Weber et al. 2010, pg. 25). Norovirus is spread through ingesting food or liquids that are contaminated with norovirus and also from touching or being in contact with objects and people who are contaminated with pathogens from norovirus (Weber et al. 2010, pg. 25). According to Weber et al. 2010 (pg. 26), approximately 20%-40% of hospital acquired infections are because of cross infections through the healthcare worker’s hands. A simple and effective solution to lowering the risk of spreading Reginald’s infection around the hospital is hand hygiene by healthcare workers and even visitors within the hospital …show more content…

Pain relief could be used to help Reginald with the pain, if it is suitable in his situation. If not, a massage or an application of heat or cold could be effective with pain (Berman et al. 2015, p.1324). This can enhance comfort and relaxation (Berman et al. 2015, p.1325). Another way of accommodating him is to adjust the posture of his bed and the way he is laying so that he is comfortable. This could mean lying him on his side with pillows supporting him so he isn’t leaning on the part of his body that is in pain. It could be assumed that Reginald has a sore throat and anus from his sickness. There are different steps which can be taken to soothe anal discomfort. An ointment, ice pack or pain relief can be used to help with the pain (Everyday Health 2015). Ice cubes or throat soothers can be used to help relieve the pain in Reginald’s throat. Distraction can be a way of drawing a person’s attention away from their pain and lessens the perception of their pain (Berman et al. 2015, p.1326). The healthcare workers could make sure he’s comfortable and give him TV to watch, or phone his wife so he can talk to her or give him some crossword puzzles so he is distracted from the pain he is

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