Essay On Northern Califolivilles

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Summary Recently Northern California had deadly wildfires that caused homes to be destroyed. The rebuild could take years and there will be many difficulties along the way. There is a shortage of skilled labors who can help rebuild the homes and the materials needed to rebuild could rise. There is also concern that a shortage of supplies may occur. Northern California has very strict environmental and building regulations, but the governor has lessened these regulations in order to make the rebuild easier. Homes are being built in wildfire-prone areas, but are going to use new construction methods that are ignition resistant and resistant to embers. Builders want to build houses close together so construction can speed up by utilizing the…show more content…
The wildfires will have an impact on scarce resources because many buildings and thousands of acres of trees have been burned to the ground. It not only hurts the land category, but it hurts labor and capital categories. Labor includes the physical actions and mental activities that people contribute to the production of goods and services. Capitol includes all factory, storage, transportation, and distribution facilities. The people affected by the disaster will begin to act in self-interest. Self-interest simply means that each economic unit tries to achieve its own particular goal. The wineries will try to rebuild fast in order to have tourists return and begin to make profits. People will try to find a place to live until their homes are rebuilt. Natural disasters can destroy factories and cripple supply chains. This means the market system must develop methods for assessing and managing risk. In most cases, people would have insurance to cover the risk of a natural disaster so it does not have to solely rely on out of pocket money. My opinion on the issues mentioned in the article due to the wildfires is very concerning. People in the surrounding areas will also be affected by the amount of toxic waste polluting the air and if it gets into the water supply. If the toxic waste is removed quickly, then it will relieve some of the concerns and cause building to begin quicker. If skilled labors from all over come to help rebuild, it wouldn’t
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