Essay On Nursing Patients

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My preceptorship is at an urgent care center in Pearland. As it is urgent care instead of a primary care office, the experience of the patients is different in many ways. Upon entering the clinic, there is a basic but equipped a waiting room and a front desk staffed with two administrators. The patient I observed was a middle aged, Latina woman who came to the clinic by car with her husband. The first person she spoke with was the front desk staff who helped her with registration and gave her the paperwork to fill out. She was given Spanish language forms because she was primarily Spanish speaking. It took around 20 minutes for her to fill out all of the paperwork and complete the registration process. While doing this she was sitting in …show more content…

After measuring the patient’s vitals and taking the history, the medical assistant left the room and the patient had to wait another 15 minutes to see the physician. My preceptor speaks limited Spanish and the patient spoke limited English so there was definitely a language barrier when the doctor was interacting with the patient. The husband spoke more English than his wife and translated a few things but overall the interaction switched back and forth between languages and I am sure some information was lost in the mix. The patient’s only complaint was the issue with her ankle and the physician seemed to agree that was the purpose of the visit. The physician was kind and engaging but with the practice being urgent care there wasn’t an existing or future relationship between the patient and the physician again the interaction was different that would have occurred between a patient and their regular primary care provider. The physician tended to ask open ended questions but with the language barrier she had to ask more directive questions too. The physician was seated on a stool for most of the visit because she was examining the patient’s ankle while she was asking her history questions. She washed her hands upon entering the room and before exiting the room. There was not a lot of silence during the visit, the physician did interrupt the patient a few times. I don’t

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