Essay On Ocean Pollution

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In today’s world, it seems as though we are living on this earth as if we have another planet to go to. However, this is false. Earth is the only planet that can sustain water, breathable air, and even life. Yet we continue to destroy our planet. Once this planet is ruined, it is gone and we have nowhere else to go. Pollution is one of the biggest killers on Earth, affecting over 100 million people. Unfortunately, everyone from huge companies to little kids throwing trash onto the ground are participating in this disaster. We are the only people to blame. Pollution is corrupting the earth by harming the ocean, animals, humans, plants, and climate. To begin, pollution has an enormous impact on the oceans. Every year about 180 million tons of waste are dumped into the ocean by companies. This waste greatly affects the organisms inside the ocean, from coral bleaching to eutrophication. The ocean is roughly 140 square miles, and 84 square miles of it, is filled with billions of pounds of plastic swirling in convergences. This adds up to around forty percent of the world's entire ocean surface. In addition, eighty percent of all this pollution enters the ocean through land activities. Plastic doesn’t decompose, it instead photodegrades. This means that plastic only breaks into smaller pieces, and it never fully goes away. Plastic garbage, which decomposes very slowly, is often mistaken for food by marine animals. These high concentrations of plastic material, particularly

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