Essay On Patient Data Breaches

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The nature of healthcare is constantly evolving due to innovations in technology which enable health records to be electronically exchanged between healthcare systems, hospital networks, and other healthcare settings. This is referred to as a healthcare information exchange. This electronic exchange of information has the potential to enhance the quality of healthcare. Health records can be transmitted between patients, doctors, hospitals, and other providers at the time of service. Despite the effort to improve efficiency by implementing these healthcare information exchanges, there have been a number of patient data breaches occurring more frequently than ever. The severity of this is exemplified when Rossin (2012) presents how, “In 2010 …show more content…

Healthcare providers, researchers, and other healthcare entities have a legal responsibility to protect medical records from unauthorized access. To do this, healthcare organizations are required to have appropriate privacy and security policies in place in order to protect the data. Information security isn’t a puzzle; instead, it is derived from a standard assessment of threats and risks that are existent in a particular information system. Federal laws governing the privacy and security of patient health records require that government and private-sector organizations carry out a risk assessment as part of their security management processes. Based on a risk assessment, appropriate security measures can be chosen, executed, and consistently monitored so that risks can be reduced.
Increased Compromise of Patient Data: Major Reasons

It is critical now more than ever, due to the lack sufficient security, to protect patient data in the healthcare industry. Therefore, in order to accomplish this goal, investigation into the possible causes of inadequate security as well as the other causes of healthcare breaches and cyber-threats must be explored. Without this analysis, patient data will continue to be compromised, which will cause devastating damage to both patients and healthcare organizations. From the extensive research on the outbreak of healthcare data breaches, the major factors that contribute to the increase of this issue were discovered. By

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