Essay On Perceived Discrimination

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The research method used for Perceived discrimination and early substance abuse among American Indian children is surveys and interviews based on interviews with 220 children. The survey was a baseline study conducted on three American Indian reservations located in the upper Midwest. The participants were children 120 boys and 100 girls this was a prevention area study to determine perceived discrimination and early substance abuse among American Indian children. Although 220 children participated in the study, the final samples are from 195 children that are en enrolled in tribal members. (Whitbeck,2001)The children’s arrange fifth through the eighth grades. Only 195 children entered into the survey due to lost information of missing data. …show more content…

(Whitbeck,2001)The investigation findings indicated that although the female and younger adolescents internalize symptoms it did not contribute to the early onset of substance abuse. Perceived discrimination however through external lysing symptoms increased in boys through anger and delinquent behaviors, which was strongly associated in the early onset of substance of substance abuse. Perceived discrimination among the fifth and eighth graders increased both internalizing and externalizing symptoms. The study have shown that American Indian children what more likely to withdraw into the situations and act out indirectly and have self-destructive behaviors. Education, social policies and preventive programs on discrimination in school, and workplaces and in businesses to teach teachers, employees, and officials to be mindful of the ways they respond. With this knowledge early discrimination and significant factors of the demoralization of these young people would decrease. Also by working with the elders and leaders of the reservation to identify and use proper responses that will protect the spirit of the child.

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