Essay on Discrimination Against Native Americans and Asians

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How can counselors work to lessen the effects of racism and discrimination that have impacted Native Americans and Asian Americans? (1
Asian American parents believe in keeping many of their issue within the family which makes them reluctant to seek services. Because of this culture believe, Asian Americans utilize mental health services at a lower rate compared to other Americans (Sue, 1994). Socially sanctioned claims concerning Asian American's social character or integrity helps to explain why they don't utilize services as often as other Americans. Counselors can work to lessen the effects of racism and discrimination that have impacted Americans by expanding their knowledge of discriminations experiences of Asian American's and
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According to Baruth & Manning 2012, "it is a counselors task to help these clients accept and value their culture and to help them resolve difficult conflicts that can impede personal and social growth (p.149). The counselor plays the role of consulting, teaching, and training when dealing with the Native American and Asian American communities.

3. Discuss how the reading material from your textbook aligns with the issues presented in the videos. (1-2 paragraphs)

The reading material from my textbook aligns with the issues presented in the video on Mental Health of Native Americans. The video talks about reconnecting adults and youths back into their culture. One issue is that American Indians have a low success rate academically. American Indian children often distrust European American which makes it difficult for cross cultural counseling. According to Baruth & Manning (2012), American Indian adolescents will end up being counseled by European American counselors because there are few American Indian counselors. The video states that there is high use of substance abuse, suicide, and dropout rates for American Indians. The textbook list suicide, alcohol abuse and other substance abuse, and high school and college drop-out rates as being potential problems American Indian adolescents may experience

4. Reflect on your learning experience related counseling Native Americans and Asian Americans across the lifespan. Discuss how you can better serve clients from
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