Essay On Plac Recidivism

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Reducing the recidivism rate is necessary for citizens, inmates, families. The residents will feel safe knowing that the prisoner that was released won’t try to harm them. The inmates so that they can travel down a different path in life and learn how to support themselves without the aid of criminal activities. The families so that their lives can be less stressful fearing that something may happen to their husband, father, mate, brother or sister. There are challenges for the inmate when they re-enter society, fear of returning to prison, of not being able to find work, and being in the control by the criminal justice system if they’re on parole or probation. The programs that are available may have limited space or the inmates don’t know about them. The former inmate will need guidance for them to navigate the challenges of being released from prison and without it there is the reality of returning to jail.

When an inmate complains about being incarcerated and does what is necessary to be released why do they continue to commit crimes? Is it because they have become institutionalized, they don’t have anywhere to live, and this is a …show more content…

The reversion is frequently after the person has already gone through mediation and sanctions for a prior offense. Recidivism quantified by nefarious deeds that are the result of being rearrested within a three-year period with or without a new sentence. The Bureau of Justice Statistics studies shows there are high rates of recidivism among released convicts. The study followed over 400,000 criminals in 30 states subsequent to being released from the penitentiary in 2005, the research found that: As a result, within a three period of being released two-thirds of the detainees were rearrested, by the end of the first year more than fifty percent rearrested (National Institute of Justice,

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